Message from the President & CEO

Ichiro Kashitani

Upon assuming the office of president & CEO from April 1, 2018, please let me share with you my aspirations.

With rapid advances in technology, such as in the form of AI and IoT, industry today is facing a time of monumental structural transformation. It changes significantly in the surrounding business environment, including in our chief business domain of Mobility. Viewing that such environmental changes bring not only risk but also opportunity, I intend to harness the situation for the creation of new business models that are in harmony with society.

At the same time, while never forgetting the Toyota Tsusho Group Way, which is the DNA of our company—in other words, "A Passion for Business", "On-Site, Hands-On, In-Touch" and "Teamwork", and other elements that make our company what it is, I would like to unite with the employees of the entire Toyota Tsusho Group and create new value, aiming to be a company that contributes to the building of a prosperous future for all.

Our company greeted its 70th anniversary on July 1, 2018. I would like to sincerely express my deep appreciation to all stakeholders who have supported our development thus far. And I humbly request that they will continue to provide us with their encouragement and guidance.


Ichiro Kashitani

President & CEO Ichiro Kashitani
April 1,2019