Global Parts & Logistics

The Global Parts & Logistics Division’s network spans 38 nations, with 177 sites operated by 79 overseas subsidiaries and business entities. It has approximately 14,000 members worldwide.

The Division has established a global automotive parts supply chain by setting up an optimally integrated logistics system using these sites and networks.

Other operations include tire and wheel assembly and other assembly operations, as well as an interior and exterior parts and accessories business covering all aspects of operations, from planning and development through raw materials procurement and processing.

The Division successfully serves the diverse needs of its customers by combining its global logistics network, supply-and-demand management functions, and unique manufacturing functions into a multifunctional service.

Consolidated transportation for automotive parts
Consolidated transportation for automotive parts
Tire assembly
Tire assembly
Main Products & Services
  • Component parts for automotive production
  • Logistics business
  • Tire assembly business

Associated Companies

Value Creation Business

Creating an Optimal Value Chain for Customers

The Global Parts & Logistics Division’s extensive global network of self-owned logistics sites enables it to perform mixed loading and consolidated transportation (“milk-run”) and relay station logistics (“cross-dock”). Meanwhile, the superior IT capabilities of this logistics network make it possible to deliver small lots in highfrequency to multiple manufacturers and suppliers.

Combining these advantages with order-and-inventory management and other supply-and-demand management functions, the Division offers parts logistics services that are responsive to customer needs and contributes to stable parts supply. At the same time, it reduces transportation costs, shortens delivery lead times, and minimizes inventories. In its accessories and materials business, the Division creates value throughout the product value chain, from product planning, design, and development to products supply, production preparation, and quality management.

The Division has established systems to optimize manufacturers’ value chains through the technopark, parts assembly, vehicle transport, and accessory-and-conversion businesses. As market needs change, the Division continually creates new value by combining these various functions for customers in innovative ways.

Automotive Value Chains Provided by the Global Parts & Logistics Division
Automotive Value Chains Provided by the Global Parts & Logistics Division
Business Lines of the Global Parts & Logistics Division
Business Lines of the Global Parts & Logistics Division
Non-automotive Businesses

Fiscal 2017 Business Initiatives

To strengthen its aircraft parts business, the Group acquired an equity stake in AeroEdge Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of aircraft engine parts, through a March 2018 third-party share allocation.

Global Production Parts & Logistics business project introduction