Machinery, Energy & Project

The Machinery, Energy & Project Division is engaged in the machinery and equipment business (primarily in the automotive industry), the construction equipment business, the electric power business, the energy business (natural gas, oil, and coal projects), and the plant business.

In the machinery and equipment business, the Division provides integrated support capabilities for production equipment, mainly for the wide-ranging automotive industry. In its nonautomotive business, the Division sells textile machinery, construction equipment, medical equipment, and other types of industrial equipment around the world.

In the electric power business, the Division develops and operates renewable power generation businesses around the world, such as wind power businesses, solar power businesses, as well as conventional thermal power generation businesses.

In the energy business, the Division supplies competitive crude oil, petroleum products, coal, liquefied natural gas, and biomass fuel to customers in Japan and overseas.

In the plant business, the Division makes business proposals and conducts fund-raising, engineering, procurement, and plant construction to contribute to the development of core infrastructure in emerging countries.

Facility design and manufacture
Facility design and manufacture
Renewable energy
Renewable energy
Main Products & Services
  • Machine tools
  • Testing and measuring instruments
  • Environmental equipment
  • Coal, Crude oil, Natural gas products
  • Petroleum products, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Energy and electric power supply business
  • Water treatment
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Construction machinery, Industrial machinery

Associated Companies

Value Creation Business

Integrated Support Capabilities for Machinery and Equipment and a Value Chain that Extends from Development of Resources to Stable Supply

The Machinery, Energy & Project Division not only procures and sells various types of machinery and equipment but also provides comprehensive support services from planning, proposals, and technological development to quality control, efficient logistics, installation, and after-sales services. Each of these elements contributes significantly to build customers’ production systems. The Division also helps to ensure stable supplies of energy resources on a global scale by developing, procuring, and supplying such resources as oil, natural gas, and coal, while developing and operating electric power generation and water treatment businesses.

Power Generation Businesses, Gas and Coal Resource Development and Production Projects, and Peripheral Businesses Conducted on a Global Scale

The Division operates renewable energy and other power generation businesses, as well as natural gas and coal resource development and production projects. Moreover, the Division is expanding into businesses in peripheral fields, such as offshore gas field drilling rigs and coal shipping terminal operations. These operations are promoted on a global scale to supply energy to Japan and the rest of the world.

Fiscal 2017 Business Initiatives

In November 2017, the Group acquired an equity stake in Nuvve Corporation, a U.S. start-up company that operates a vehicle-to-grid power business that utilizes automotive batteries as a power source, to promote expansion of virtual power plant business that utilizes EVs and PHVs.

Machinery, Energy & Project business project introduction