For more than 90 years, Toyota Tsusho has striven to develop markets in Africa from a long-term perspective by growing with communities and their people through trade and investments. In 2012, Toyota Tsusho acquired a capital stake in the largest French trading company, CFAO; in December 2016, Toyota Tsusho made CFAO a wholly owned subsidiary, with the aim of accelerating its business initiatives in Africa. The Africa Division—the Company’s first division dedicated to a single region—was subsequently established in April 2017.

The Africa Division is tasked with promoting a diversified business in 53 of 54 African nations by maximizing the talents of a professional workforce of some 15,500 employees. The Automotive SBU is expanding and strengthening its automotive value chain, which currently boasts a sales and after-sales service network in all Sub-Saharan countries, automobile and motorcycle CKD production in Nigeria and the Republic of Kenya, and automotive production support and local parts production in South Africa.

The Healthcare and Chemical SBU supports human health via a pharmaceutical production and wholesaling business centered on northwest Africa, and via diagnostic and medical care centers in Nigeria and Ghana.

The Consumer Goods and Services SBU operates a shopping center in partnership with Carrefour and a joint-venture brewery with HEINEKEN, and is thereby actively catering to the needs of an emerging middle class. As well, we are promoting fertilizer production and sales in the Republic of Kenya.

In the Technologies and New Business SBU, the Division is contributing to African growth through the development of critical energy infrastructure which is essential for economic development. The SBU has already completed work on a geothermal power plant in the Republic of Kenya, while in 2017 it entered into a contract to supply cranes to the Port of Mombasa.

A central automobile yard to support automobile distributors in Sub-Sahara Africa (Belgium)
A central automobile yard to support automobile distributors in Sub-Sahara Africa (Belgium)
A central warehousing site for pharmaceuticals (France)
A central warehousing site for pharmaceuticals (France)
A next-generation shopping center (Côte d' Ivoire)
A next-generation shopping center (Côte d' Ivoire)
Main Products & Services

We conduct manufacturing, sales, and services, mainly in the automobile, healthcare & chemical, consumer goods & services businesses. Additionally, we are developing new businesses designed to solve Africa's social issues, including energy & infrastructure, agriculture, and ICT.

Value Creation Business

Network Covering 53 of 54 African Nations

Regional economic communities have been established across Africa. Toyota Tsusho approaches the African market through these regional economic communities instead of a country-by-country basis, and develops its businesses with the aim of optimizing entire communities.

Toyota Tsusho's Vision in Africa: "With Africa, For Africa"

Based on the philosophy "With Africa, For Africa", the Toyota Tsusho Group is creating businesses with the long-term view of cultivating deep local roots and growing with the people of local communities. In 2012, Toyota Tsusho signed a comprehensive memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Kenya (which was renewed for five years in 2016) to act as its strategic partner and support the country's national vision. Similarly, the entire Toyota Tsusho Group is working hand in hand with each African nation to support sustainable growth for Africa. Aiming to be a true leading group, we are also looking beyond business creation to contribute to the autonomous growth of the continent through proactive measures to develop human resources and make social contributions.

Business Development

Renewal of MOU with Kenya (August 2016)
Memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Kenya renewed (August 2016)

Human Resources Development

Toyota Kenya Academy
Toyota Kenya Academy

Social Contributions

Social venture fund for Africa
Social contribution-style venture fund for Africa Project list

Fiscal 2017 Business Initiatives

CFAO SAS launched a shopping center business in Cameroon and opened Carrefour Market Bonamoussadi in Douala, the country's economically largest city, in December 2017.

Africa business project introduction